untitledFaced with a huge uncertainty chat could chance our lives for the worse we have two options: we can be pessimistic, imagine the worst and ready ourselves psychologically so chat we can the rejoice when it doesn’t happen; or we can be optimistic, nota cross our bridge before we come to the, and wait to see what happens. Paradoxically, pessimism can helpful because it means we imagine right away that all Will not be well and don’t get our hopes up, ready to be dashed later. But optimistic is a Greta positive force, because often things turn out better tan we expect. All this to say the euro, as we have been repeating for Montes, looks  likely to male it. And with the Euro, economic recover, meaning new job, companies managing to survive and others beging. More money in circulation, less poverty, more serenity. More desire to travel and more money to so, for instance. The president of European Central Bank brought out the big guns to help euro zone countries in difficulty, allowing the ECB to buy unlimited amounts of sovereign bonds ( in other words, it can buy Spanish, Portoguese or Italian bonds when it realised the market doesn’t want them because of a lack confidence) Germany’s Constitutional Court then gave the go-ahead for the bail-out fund of the ESM (which has to authorise the ECB the bonds), capping Germany’s contribution at 190 billion euros. In a matter of weeks, following these two pieces of news the stock markets have risen and the yield spread between Italian and German bonds has narrowed sharply. The light at the end of the tunnel is a little brighter, the economic recovery might really begin in a few month’s time. The optimists will shout victory; the pessimists can celebrate