Yellow cabs whizzing through the streets of Big Apple, reflecting on the windows lots of cement that touch the sky and the colourful lights; fashion, myths and then her: the refined lady raising the torch to the sky welcoming us and rising from the waters of the ocean. But there is another New York beyond the skyscrapers. Sporty and green.

In the south-east of Brooklyn and Queens district, the Jamaica Bay and Rockaway Beach expand, a grinding of emotions sailing along the American Coast, while you cross it on Board a canoe or a kayak, exploring that breath-taking panorama fading from blue to light green, blooming in yellow buds and green stems, and then catching your eyes at the top.

From the location of the Salt Marsh Nature Centre, wing’s beats cross the horizon, outlining on the lenses of your telescope different birds: it’s the birdwatching! Nice flora and fauna of the Fresh Creek Nature Preserve, with its salt marshes and the Paerdagat Basin Park, with a long channel that leads to Bergen Beach. In the heart of Queens, a six-kilometre beach dynamically wraps sun lovers, livening up with playgrounds and parks. Here, at Rockway Beach, the surfer’s paradise opens up!

After riding the waves you can refresh yourself at Rockaway Taco: a cute and typical surfers’ hangout, where you can enjoy tacos, quesadilla and fried plantain chips. Moving to the eastern end you find the greenest district of the city, the Bronx. In the characteristic island of City, between tha picturesque fishing village and the delicious diches made of fresh fish.

Finally, there are attractions for families stretching along the coast par excellence in New York City: Ochard Beach, a sandy strip where you find lots of crabs and rediscover the pleasure of being in contact with the world, enjoying riding lessons and horseback riding on swampy and rocky trails.NYC