In 2030 tourists will reach 18 billion according to UNWTO’s long-term forecast. Meanwhile, a new record seems to be indicated for 2014 that, with a steady increase of 5%, will exceed one billion transits (considering that the month of October ended with 978 million). A factor that highlights the importance of travelling intended a source of leisure and well-being, but also as an economic and labour resource. A trend that in the past six decades has changed, bringing more and more to prefer the plane as a means of transportation, also considered one of the safest. America still holds the lead of growth (8%); but Europe remains the most visited. France is in the first. France is in the first place and Spain in the third. Italy, despite being the fifth, recovers with the world rankings Best in Travel 2015 by Lonely Planet, which put Milan in the Third place. A record that embraces well with gourmet Italian record, as the city of Milan host the Universal madrid