untitled (3) imagesJGZGM5X1 images86XLSOT4 safe_image food-expo-2012nowwwwwwwwwwwwThe watchword, in fact, is to share, according to the Gnammo project, the Social Eating offering to the people of the network the opportunity to organize Home Restaurant events, to involve not only old friends but also other web user, thus making the table a melting pot of culinary experiences. But this is just one of the many start-ups, the innovative Enterprise Incubator of the Politecnico di Torino –ranked among the best in Europe- from which Fanceat was also born. You just need one clik to have your shopping for a special dinner delivered with a recipe, already calibrated doses and ad hoc proposals also for those who chose a vegetarian lifestyles! Reducing food waste without sacrifing quality, istead, is the mission of LastMinuteSottoCasa. The service consists of a platform tha allows traders on one hand to sell at a discount perishable prducts, which could not be sold the next day, and on the other to be able to buy quality food at very affordable prices. Present all over the country, it is becoming so successful that is has been awarded with the Environment- friendly Innovation 2015 award by Legaambiente.

“The work of the international Space Station for the health of our planet never stops. Our research is focusing on plants to better understand their molecular and cellular functionality. These are all skills applicable also to agriculture that help in the mission of feeding the planet.” It is with these words that the astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti explained the importance of the work done, even from space, to contribute to the challenge proposed by Expo. She was chosen among other things as Ambassador and she has already said that she will visit the World Expo in Milan as soon as she comes back on Earth and the mission with the Italian Space Agency is completely.

There is only one subject area of Expo 2015 realized right in the centre of Milan. And it is Palazzo della Triennale. The interdisciplinary approach that characterises the visual and applied arts flows in the exhibition Arts&Foods. Rituals from 1851, curated by Germano Celant: Italian art historian and critic. Furniture, appliances and artistic works thus become tha chapter of a visually stunning and incredibly suggestive story in a constant dialogue with the historical, sociological and anthropological contexts since the first World Expo to date.