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Foto Marco Alpozzi / LaPresse 6-9-2014  Milano (Italia) The Color Run Milano Nella foto: Color Blust Photo Marco Alpozzi / LaPresse 6-9-2014  Milan (Italy) The Color Run Milan In the photo:  Color Blust

THE COLOR RUN  was born in the United States in January 2012 as an event to promote the welfare and happiness and to make sure that everyone can enjoy and participate in the “funniest 5km on the planet.”
THE COLOR RUN is now present in more than 30 countries and 200 cities worldwide, and garnered the participation of several million people.

In Italy THE COLOR RUN has landed in 2013 and the first stop was Marina di Pietrasanta (LU) on July 27.

1st Edition: Marina di Pietrasanta, Milano Marittima and Milano were attended by thousands of people.

2nd Edition: Torino, Trieste, Rome-Ostia Lido, Marina di Pietrasanta, Rimini and Milan has been a great success with over 55.ooo participants.

But beyond the numbers, the emotions and colors make this a unique race. Whether you are a beginner or a lover of travel, at least once in life we’ll want to participate in THE COLOR RUN
THE COLOR RUN  is literally a “fun run” and an international event that takes place in a context full of colors, music, celebration and joy. It’s not about reaching the maximum sports performance or the best possible time – but to achieve the highest level of entertainment and prosperity! Along with all other COLOR RUNNER, friends and relatives, spend an unforgettable day.
Are only three rules that apply to all COLOR RUNNER:

# 1 Wear a t-shirt white on the starting line

# 2 Finish the path all colored

3 # To feel part of this great party and tune in to the other participants
A few days ago exactly on July 23, I attended the first color run in Sicily during a summer for 4 years now I have the pleasure of choosing organized by the Animation team without spending anything. So zero funding but do not have much happiness during unfortunately, however, it followed and lived in full because “I play because it is healthy and fun, especially when you’re playing in the midst of color and music!”
My sister said, “I have never raced before, but I am happy to have participated in THE COLOR RUN , because on arrival we were all colored and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.”
 I hope that THE COLOR RUN can serve as a stimulus for all to lead a healthy, active, wellness and sports activity.