Conoscerenelweb is my first and only blog. My name is Chiara, neograduate address in Legal-Economic Business, university student at the Faculty of Economics and Finance.
I was born 19 years ago in Sicily, but currently live alone to Milan to study. My life I compare it Like  a blank sheet divided in half: the day college student (between classes and exams), in the evening or in the spare time devoted to culture and writing of all kinds and species. My desire to know drives me to study, to learn and to get passionate about what catches my attention. From fashion to Finance, the Music, the Economy, the food, the Politics, International Relations, the Business Inglese, the Philosophy …. everything that commonly denote by the name Culture.
And this passion that drives me to sum up all the knowledge accumulated and shared in a virtual page; a sort of window on the world that sooner or later (At least I hope) will appear in someone’s eyes.

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